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4 years of MAR: Sanctions, pitfalls & the future

The EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) was put in place in 2016 to lay down clear protocols that strengthen market integrity and investor protection. Four years later, MAR compliance is still a challenge for many organisations.

Download this e-book to learn about some of the main MAR compliance challenges still faced by issuers which has resulted in some heavy sanctions, get advice on how to ensure that your company is not at risk, and what we can expect for the future of MAR.

Download the e-book

What to expect from this e-book:

  • The main challenges faced by issuers when it comes to MAR compliance
  • Best practice tips on how to avoid the most common pitfalls
  • Five case study examples of sanctions imposed for failing to comply with MAR
  • An outlook on the future of MAR
4 years of MAR

Download the e-book




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Automating the management of inside information and insider lists for both issuers and their professional advisors.

Save time and ensure compliance with the European “Market Abuse Regulation” (MAR).