World-class capital markets training courses and programmes


Comprehensive, quality education is fundamental for the development and growth of an economic system. 

As part of a leading exchange at the centre of European capital markets, Academy’s main objective and activity is turning capital markets expertise into world-class training courses and programmes and making them relevant to the wider financial community of today and of tomorrow. 

Interactive and innovative learning methods make all Academy programmes an inspiring experience.

Our faculty, internal and external to the Euronext value chain, is able to draw on some of the most experienced practitioners and inspirational teachers in the world of finance.

With our faculty wide ranging expertise, we aim at supporting companies, governments, traders, banks, investors, and many other organisations in their access to capital markets. 



Public Academy courses can be carried out in-person, online or even in blended format.  

The courses run on scheduled dates and are available to employees from any organisation to register on an individual or group basis. The courses provide peer-to-peer networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities from different industries. 

By breaking down the value chain of an exchange business, our courses provide evidence of the impact of capital markets on the real economy growth.

Our courses cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Capital markets regulation
  • Sustainable finance and ESG
  • Capital raising mechanics
  • Financial markets and instruments
  • Risk management
  • Corporate disclosure rules and Investor Relations
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate finance 
  • MiFID II and ESMA Knowledge & Competence compliance topics



Corporate Governance: Driving Value for Stakeholders

28 October 2021


Valuation with Prof. Aswath Damodaran

08 - 11 November 2021


Net-Zero Portfolio Management Masterclass

25 - 28 November 2021


Understanding Financial Markets and Instruments

Video series by Academy


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Get the exact training you need

For complete flexibility, we can tailor all of our public courses to the specific needs of your organisation. We can also put together an entirely new programme to suit your needs. Talk to our training experts to see how we can help.

Our approach ensures we create the right learning approach for your organisation, balancing classroom teaching, e-learning and video-lessons as required, ensuring that teamwork and collaboration are key parts of the assessment.

Your learning programme can be adapted from existing public courses, or Academy can design new courses for you, in partnership with our expert trainers, completely from scratch.

Academy can create bespoke online courses or video-lessons focused on core financial topics for the whole client company population.

Get in touch with our team of training experts at to have your learning path designed to fit your needs.



Capital markets are complex legal and human constructs that require careful nurturing to truly take off and drive their local economies. 

Academy has a strong track record of developing and delivering bespoke programmes to support the growth of markets around the world. Partnering with Academy can contribute to  their partnering countries’ economic growth and diversification through a demand-driven set of training programmes aimed at leading capital markets practitioners, policy-makers and senior management from regulators and financial markets infrastructures.

Interactive peer-to-peer learning sessions, lectures and integrated online/in person programmes will enable collective goal setting and knowledge transfer into deployment plans.


Capacity Building Programmes

Capacity building programmes are designed by Academy and tailored to the major needs of our clients in emerging markets and developed countries:

  • Local financial market infrastructures and regulators
  • Local financial market participants – brokerage firms, investment firms
  • Local companies (SMEs or large caps)
  • Local public institutions 
  • Universities and business schools

Our projects can be developed on the following areas of interest:

  • ESG and Sustainable Finance
  • International corporate governance frameworks
  • Understanding an exchange value chain
  • Derivatives and Financial instruments



Your introduction to the market

Inside the markets” is a special educational programme for visiting groups of University students to the venues of a number of Euronext Group Exchanges.

Each group is partnered with one of our expert trainers who will lead an interactive and topical introduction to how modern capital markets work today.

Delegates will learn about the history of an exchange system and how it has evolved into the international market it is today. The role of the different participants will be explored, from companies and governments seeking to raise finance, to investors, traders and the regulators.

Contact to book your educational visit  to the Euronext Group Exchanges