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ESG is a hot topic on investors’ minds these days, and many issuers are incorporating ESG factors into their strategy. But how does your sustainability reporting actually measure up?

Answer a few short questions to assess the relevance of your sustainable reporting format, ensure you have the right audience, and compare your ESG disclosure policy with the expectations of investors and ratings agencies.

At the end of your self-assessment, you will gain access to a personalised diagnosis and a library of ESG tools to enhance your reporting.


About ESG Advisory

The Euronext ESG Advisory team supports companies in making sense of investors’ expectations and crafting this into a comprehensive bespoke ESG strategy, based on extensive data collection and analytics. ESG Advisory helps you to present your sustainable strategic ambitions to the financing community by:
  • Evaluating extra-financial issues

  • Prioritising and collecting data

  • Engaging with investors

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