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Holding an annual general meeting (AGM) while ensuring regulatory compliance are top priorities for listed companies. To fulfil investor expectations, detailed planning and specialised expertise are required.

Euronext Securities Oslo and Euronext Corporate Services now offer a comprehensive, user-friendly portal for general meetings to help preparing for your 2023 AGM, regardless of the format: virtually, hybrid or physically.





Our virtual general meeting portal facilitates smooth meeting preparation and execution while collaborating with the issuer and its advisor throughout the entire process. Our experienced staff handles a number of processes before, during and after the AGM and our services can be tailored specifically to your needs. 


Trusted by leading companies

The virtual general meeting portal has become an established solution in the Danish market, where we have supported customers' virtual- and hybrid general meetings for many years. Having hosted more than 250 VGM and hybrid meetings in 2021 and 2022, more and more Norwegian companies follow, successfully leveraging the functionalities of the portal.


Planning phase

  • Euronext helps planning your processes leading up to and the AGM process itself

  • Deep dive into your shareholder structure with Shareholder Analysis:

    • Get an update on SRD II rules, obligations and procedures to ensure a well-run AGM

    • Benefit from a detailed understanding of your shareholders (identity structure, proxy trends, etc.)


Pre-meeting phase

  • Euronext may assist with preparing the meeting notice

  • Shareholders are able to request access cards

  • Shareholders can vote in advance (electronically or on paper)

  • Shareholders can provide a third-party-proxy


Meeting phase

  • Use Company Webcast, fully integrated in our virtual general meeting portal, to broadcast your AGM whether it is a hybrid or fully virtual event

  • Allow shareholders to engage and exercise their shareholder rights

    • Participation: access the general meeting via computer, phone or pad – regardless of the meeting being held physically, fully virtual, or as a hybrid meeting.

    • Interaction: live chat and real-time interaction

    • Voting: submitting votes on agenda points (for / against) and candidates

  • See how many shareholders, and their share of total capital, are present at the meeting

  • Ability to add and modify agenda points on-the-go (if needed)

  • Complete the meeting with a signed meeting protocol


Post-meeting phase

  • Have a recording available of the general meeting for 5 years

  • Analyse your audience with different reports on attendance, voting and more

Flexible set-up for issuers

  • Physical, fully virtual, or hybrid meeting
  • Static, dynamic or live video stream and audio
  • Ability to add and modify agenda points
  • Secure back-up of data and functionality
  • Democratic governance through active ownership



Shareholder engagement

Foster active ownership, see higher participation and interaction rates


Environmentally friendly

Shareholders are able to participate in meetings without having to travel


Intelligent market data

Market performance and participants can be analysed in detail


In-depth shareholder knowledge

Get a list of all institutions and funds, including, key
contacts as well as an analysis of
investor categories


Monitor & anticipate shareholders

Follow position movements and predict ESG
investment strategies and
voting outcomes 

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