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Is your company ready to implement the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)?

By 2029 at the latest, 50,000 European companies will have to comply with the standards set out in the ESRS published this summer.

Improve your company's long-term financial performance through optimal risk management and the integration of sustainability issues to your strategy.

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What will you find in this document

  • Timeline and estimated application costs

  • CSRD reporting scope and phase-ins

  • Progressive CSRD implementation plan


ESG Advisory

The Euronext ESG Advisory team supports companies in making sense of investors’ expectations and crafting this into a comprehensive bespoke ESG strategy, based on extensive data collection and analytics.ESG Advisory helps you to present your sustainable strategic ambitions to the financing community by:
  • Evaluating extra-financial issues

  • Prioritising and collecting data

  • Engaging with investors

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