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checklist Shareholder Analysis Guide


Knowing who owns shares in your company is a prerequisite for maintaining a sustained and constructive dialogue between listed companies and investors. The strengthening of this dialogue is essential to face crises like that of COVID-19, but also to the structural development of shareholder engagement.

With strong asset rotation, volatility and liquidity at historic highs in recent months, the preparation of your earnings season must be done with careful consideration. Download this free guide and prepare your financial communications with the best shareholder knowledge.

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The key elements of this guide include:

  • 7 fundamental questions to determine your shareholder knowledge

  • The opportunity of the Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II)

  • The 4 pillars of shareholder knowledge

  • Key figures and a roadmap to guide you

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About Shareholder Analysis

Shareholder Analysis provides a comprehensive, dynamic and clear vision of your capital structure through several features:
  • Tailor-made identification

  • Multi-dimensional analysis

  • Enriched and detailed share register from local CSD

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