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how-to-move-to-paperless-board-meetings Guide

How to move to digital board meetings

From security issues to geographic spread of board members – organising board meetings can be challenging for many organisations, but board portals can help remove these challenges. This guide will help decision-makers know what to look for when choosing the board portal that works best for their organisation.

Download this guide to learn how a board portal can help streamline your board meetings, how to select the right one for you, and how to get internal buy-in.

Download the guide

Insights you will gain from this guide:

  • How to know when your board needs a board portal

  • Who uses a board portal

  • The most important features of a board portal

  • What to focus on when selecting a board portal

  • How to ensure that a board portal is adopted in your organisation

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About iBabs

Effective & easy meeting management

iBabs is a paperless and secure board portal solution. This digital tool supports corporates and public organisations with effective governance, efficient decision-making processes and secured collaboration at board level and across management teams.

Download the guide

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