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Shareholders’ Rights Directive II “SRD II”


The Belgian Parliament recently adopted a new law implementing the Shareholders’ Rights Directive II (“SRD II”). Join the exclusive webinar, brought to you by Euronext and Freshfields, where we will discuss the practical aspects of this new directive, its impact on activism, and how we can support you on these topics going forward.

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Topics covered in the webinar

Shareholders' Rights Directive II "SRD II"

The objective of the SRD Il is to encourage
long-term shareholder engagement, ensuring
enhanced transparency and promoting
discussions between issuers and investors.
Among the provisions, this new directive will
also allow issuers to identify their shareholder
base; this provision will become applicable as
of September 3, 2020.

  • How will SRD II impact interactions between issuers and shareholders?

  • How will SRD Il interface with other provisions of Belgian law?

  • Performing a shareholder identification - the advantage of knowing your investors

  • Q&A Session

Experts at your service


Deborah Janssens

Partner at Freshfields


Nicolas Meunier

Head of Advisory and IR Solutions at Euronext Corporate Services

Benoit van den Hove Officiel-1

Benoît van den Hove

Head of Listing at Euronext Brussels

Mathieu Mitevoy

Mathieu Mitevoy

Director, Product Management T2S at Euroclear

vivien ravy

Vivien Ravy

Director Group Controlling & Investor Relations at Devoteam

shareholder id

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