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How to benefit from the implementation of the Shareholder Rights Directive

The Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) aims to encourage long-term shareholder engagement, increase transparency and improve corporate governance. But with the implementation of the directive in Denmark and the upcoming implementation Norway, what does this mean for issuers in practice and what are the benefits?

Join this insightful webinar, brought to you by Euronext Corporate Services and Euronext CSDs, to discover everything you need to know in order to truly benefit from the new rights and opportunities that SRD II brings.

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A panel of experts


Benoit Mathieu

Benoît Mathieu

Investor Relations Officer at Mithra Pharmaceuticals

Flemming Merring

Flemming Merring

Senior Product Manager, Issuance Products at
VP Securities

Alexander Wathne

Alexander Wathne

Product Manager, Issuer Services at
Euronext VPS

Nicolas Meunier

Nicolas Meunier

Head of Advisory & IR Solutions at Euronext Corporate Services

Topics covered in the webinar


ECS Webinar.SHAN Nordics SRD II


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