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How can data leverage your equity narrative?

Understanding stakeholder’s needs is the key to successful communications. In our increasingly digital world, companies need to ensure they get the most relevant information if they want to communicate efficiently. With the evolution of capital markets an IR practices, comes the opportunity to harness the power of data, but how do you ensure you speak the same language as your stakeholders?

Join us on Thursday 21 October from 11:00 - 12:00 CET, as Euronext Corporate Services, Praexo and Emperor join forces to discuss the impact of digital in financial communications. Together, we will explore why and how companies can use digital content, design and functionality to further their corporate narrative, present their equity story, and provide investors with everything they need, and expect, to find online today. 

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A panel of experts


Simon Bennison

Simon Bennison

Head of Digital Strategy at Emperor

Laurent Lepinay

Laurent Lepinay 

Head of Development at Praexo

Nicolas Meunier

Nicolas Meunier

Head of Advisory and IR Solutions at Euronext Corporate Services

Topics covered in the webinar


ECS Webinar.How can data leverage your equity narrative


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