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The Rise of Sustainable Financing: ESG Funds Outperformance


Recent research shows that ESG funds outperformed their peers during the COVID-19 crisis, but experts predict that with increased investor expectations of issuers on ESG commitments, this is more than just a passing trend. Watch the exclusive webinar brought to you by Euronext’s new ESG Advisory team, and gain some valuable insights from our experts on the methodology and strategy of ESG asset management.

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Topics covered in the webinar

Environmental, social and governance principles
(ESG) are a set of standards by which a company and
its investors can mesure the wider impact of its
operations and long-term strategy.

Companies can integrate ES concerns into their long-term strategy
with a view to:

  • Making an overall positive contribution
  • Achieving sustainable growth
  • Avoiding and addressing adverse impacts related to its operations, products or services
  • The outperformance of ESG funds: opportunistic market trend or long-term investment vision?

  • What drives ESG investment decisions?

  • What will happen post-COVID-19?

  • Q&A Session

Experts at your service

Ghislain BOYER 150x150

Ghislain Boyer

ESG Advisory Associate at Euronext Corporate Services


Xavier Desmadryl

Global Head of ESG Research at HSBC Global Asset Management

Jeroen BOS

Jeroen Bos

Head of Specialised Equity & Responsible Investing at NN Investment Partners


About ESG Advisory

The Euronext ESG Advisory team supports companies in making sense of investors’ expectations and crafting this into a comprehensive bespoke ESG strategy, based on extensive data collection and analytics.ESG Advisory helps you to present your sustainable strategic ambitions to the financing community by:
  • Evaluating extra-financial issues

  • Prioritising and collecting data

  • Engaging with investors

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