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Webinar script template Guide


An essential step in the preparation of planning the live broadcast of a webinar is creating a webinar script. This script ensures that the most important topics are tackled, that you stick to the allocated time, and to make sure that the webinar is sufficiently interactive and engaging. Preparation is half the battle and a well-prepared webinar will be more interactive, makes presenting much easier for the speakers, and it is less prone to errors. 

The template contains not only a detailed script that includes every aspect of a webinar from minute to minute, but also written examples, including a powerful introduction and conclusion. Download our webinar script template now to learn more about the art of preparing a webinar.

Download the full guide

Research included in the report:

  • The different phases of a webinar

  • Timing: how long should each of these parts last?

  • A sample script to guide you

  • The moments of interaction such as launching polls and dealing with questions

  • Other useful tips

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