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Non-Financial and Sustainability Reporting Practices

The CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) will impact 49,000 European companies from 2025 onwards, or from the 2024 financial year for those already subject to the NFRD (Non-Financial Reporting Directive). This regulation aims to "Green" Europe's economy by 2050 and enables companies to inform their stakeholders about the integration of sustainability issues into their strategy.

Curious about how companies are tackling this fresh regulation? Wondering about the disparities between those experienced in reporting and those just starting out?

During this highly anticipated webinar, Tennaxia and Euronext Corporate Services will unveil the findings from their 11th annual study, crafted to delve into the extra-financial reporting practices of European companies.

Join us as we reveal the results and gain valuable insights into the strategies employed by companies in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability reporting.

Topics covered in the webinar

  • Results of the study on non-financial & sustainability reporting

  • The experts' opinion: testimonials and conclusions of ESG managers

  • Latest ESG developments and trends

  • Q&A session

Panel of Experts


Solène Garcin-Charcosset

CSR / ESG Business Line Director, Tennaxia


Ulrike Heindl

Business Development Director / Moderator, Tennaxia


Malgosia Guibert

ESG Advisory Manager, Euronext Corporate Services


About ESG-Advisory

The Euronext ESG Advisory team supports companies in making sense of investors’ expectations and crafting this into a comprehensive bespoke ESG strategy, based on extensive data collection and analytics.ESG Advisory helps you to present your sustainable strategic ambitions to the financing community by:
  • Evaluating extra-financial issues

  • Prioritising and collecting data

  • Engaging with investors

Learn about European companies' non-financial reporting practices

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